At AJ Tech City, we aspire to assist our clients in every way possible. Lately, we have seen an uprise in discord server demand and decided to add it to our already-extensive list of services.

We will now officially be offering Discord Server Development Services with an additional Monthly Upkeep plan to ensure your server runs smoothly and we can continue on any required developmental work you may want in the future. We also offer a fast-track service where we prioritise your project over our other work, this comes with a small premium.

In order to provide this service efficiently our clients must detail what they want their server to consist of. If they do not know or would like some feedback, they can book an appointment with us here.

Currently we do not have an online price estimate calculator to help you understand a rough cost of our service, so we have setup a form and guarantee we will get back to you with a rough cost within 12 Hours.

If we cannot meet this guarantee, you will still receive a quote but will be eligible for a 30% discount on your initial setup fee (Excluding external costs), and a 30% discount off the first month of your Discord Server Upkeep Subscription! Learn More here

To visit our discord Server development page, click here

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